Camp with your best friend: take your pet on your next adventure

Camp with your best friend: take your pet on your next adventure

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Camping with your animal friend in the wild. Now that sounds like an unforgettable experience. But it’s important you make sure you both stay safe and comfortable during your next adventure. 

We’ve got some tips so you and your furry buddy can have a great camping experience in the perfect tent, with the perfect setting.  

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Wild camping Belgium with your pet friend

Look for campsites

Unlike other natural areas in the world, wild camping Belgium isn’t allowed yet. Depending on where you choose to camp, find out if you need to set up camp at designated campsites.

Look for a flat, dry area with good drainage to avoid a muddy situation. Avoid areas with steep slopes, loose rocks or roots, or other hazards that could cause your tent (or companion) to fall. And remember, always go for a strong and sturdy tent.


Set up your tent the right way

Make sure to stake your tent down firmly using all available stakes and guy lines. This will help prevent thetent from collapsing or blowing away because of strong winds or heavy rain.


Keep your pet safe

You might not know all the terrain when you’re camping, so make sure you keep your pet on a leash or in a secure and enclosed space close to your tent. The last thing you’ll want is to go looking for your lost buddy in the wilderness.


Pack enough supplies

Bring enough food and water for you and your pet. Packing a little extra allows you to be stress-free in emergencies or unexpected circumstances. Enough supplies are the first step to avoid emergencies.


Don’t underestimate emergency planning

Always carry a first aid kit for you and your pet. In case of emergencies, make sure you also pack a flashlight, extra batteries, and enough food and water.


Make hygiene a priority

Bringing a portable toilet might not always be an option. If you don’t have your own, dig a cathole at least 200 ft. away from any water source and tent location to dispose of your and your pet’s waste. Don’t forget to pack out your trash — leave the campsites the way you found them (or better).


Respect all wildlife

Keep your distance from wild animals and never feed them. At the same time, keep your pet at a safe distance from other animals and don’t let it chase or bother wildlife.


Choose your Beyond Tents favourite and you’re all set

Remember, when you’re camping, taking your time to plan and prepare will define how good of a trip you have. Now that you know, choose the best tent, follow these tips, and you and your pet are set for the adventure of a lifetime.


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