Half Patrol 10 m2 Tent*

Color Desert

*(Shade Patrol 20 m2 or Shade Patrol 30 m2 not included)

The Half Patrol Tent is literally what its name suggests: the full size design in half the size. Perfect for when you need a little less sleeping and a little more living space, because you have an extra large covered terrace to enjoy.

With a 10m² tent and a shade cover of 20m² or 30m², the Patrol Tent is perfect to set up one double bed or 8 inflatable mattresses, while still having plenty of covered space outside to enjoy. The design of this cotton canvas glamping tent has been refined to the smallest detail: roll-up canvas and mesh walls allowing you to fully enjoy the surroundings, luxurious champagne-coloured tent poles…

Thanks to its ample size, retro chic design, handy features and vibrant colours, this Patrol Tent is the glamping tent of choice for your glamping site, backyard glamping, festival camping, tent rentals or any other event that can use that extra sparkle.

Height: 2,50m
Diameter: 5m
Wall height: 0,50m
Door height: 2,20m
Weight: 31kg

Aluminum tent poles
Smart carabiners
Premium zippers
Removable bathtub groundsheet
High quality cotton canvas
High roll up canvas and mesh walls
Reflective guy lines & sturdy tensioners




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