Camping 101: Do’s and don’ts during your first time venturing outdoors

Camping 101: Do’s and don’ts during your first time venturing outdoors

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What to do

Research your campsite

Before you even start packing, make sure you have a good understanding of the area you'll be camping in. Look up information on the type of terrain, weather conditions, and any potential hazards or legal restrictions. This will help you choose the right tent, pack enough gear, and be prepared for any challenges you may face. 

Pack smart

Make a list of everything you'll need for the trip and be sure that the supplies last for the duration of your stay (plus a couple of extra days in case of an emergency). Besides food, water, clothing, and shelter, essentials you should bring with you are a first aid kit, a flashlight, an offline map, and maybe even some type of water purifier. Don't forget to bring garbage bags to properly dispose of your trash — caring for nature is as important as caring for yourself.

Set up camp responsibly

If it’s your first time camping, you might want to choose a campsite that’s already established instead of opting for wild camping. Once you’ve chosen your campsite, follow the no-trace principle: set up your tent on durable surfaces so it doesn’t harm the ground or vegetation, keep a safe distance from wildlife, and leave no human trace behind. Remember to read and respect each campsite’s regulations. 

Get acquainted with fire safety

If you think you’ll be starting a fire, make sure it is permitted in the campsite you’ve chosen. Once you’re sure, choose a designated fire ring or pit to start your fire, and remember to never leave a burning fire unattended. Before calling it a night or leaving the campsite, extinguish the fire completely.

campfire safety camping woods

Be considerate of other campers

Camping responsibly means thinking of our environment, and of other campers as well. Just like you, other people might have chosen to enjoy nature at that campsite or location. It’s important to be mindful of them — be aware of the distance between a neighbouring tent, keep noise levels down (especially at night) and respect the privacy of other fellow campers.


What to avoid


It can be tempting to bring everything “just in case”, but unlike other types of getaways, when camping, you must carry all you pack on your back, including your tent! Bring only what is absolutely necessary and save that extra space in the bag for emergency items. 

Ignoring campsite rules

Although the basics are the same, each campsite will have its own set of rules, from where to set up a tent to how to dispose of garbage. You’ll find them on the campsite itself or online. Either way, make sure you’re acquainted with the regulations, they’re not meant to spoil the fun, but to keep every camper safe. 

Littering the natural area

Leave the campsite as clean as you found it (or cleaner). Pack your trash and dispose of it properly, food scraps that are left behind could attract animals to the site and create a hazard for you and other campers. 

Feeding the wildlife

You might be tempted to feed that one cute animal, but it’s important to remember that wildlife does not rely on human food for survival. Feeding animals can affect their behaviour, which is dangerous for the animals and humans around the site. 

Neglect safety precautions 

Safety precautions go beyond a good tent and equipment and following campsite rules. Regardless of how short your camp stay is, make sure you pack with emergency situations in mind. You should pack enough supplies even for a day trip. Being prepared for anything is always the right choice. 


Stick to the do’s and don’ts, and you’re good to go!

By following these simple do's and don'ts, you'll be well on your way to a safe and fun camping trip. Having taken care of the essentials at home means your time in nature will be all about reconnecting with it.

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